Cloudy2Clear Takes Delivery of New Vehicles As Sales Top £2m

The Cloudy2Clear Essex van fleet Cloudy2Clear franchisees have taken delivery of a further 11 vehicles in the last three months, to keep up with demand as sales in the first half of 2013 topped £2 million, an incredible rise of 81 per cent on the first half of 2012.

Commenting on the release of the half year figures, Marketing Director Martin Waite is quick to point out the networks work ethic: "We always preach profitability to our franchisees, that’s what they’re in this for and that’s what, ultimately, decides whether all of us succeed or fail, whatever our role. To be profitable, you have to give great customer service. As demand for our services has increased, yet again, many of our people have invested in vehicles and staff at the right time to take advantage of this but also to make sure they don’t let the customer down.

"That said, our vans are bespoke and you can’t just wander down to a car showroom and drive one away, it takes around four weeks for one to be delivered, and that’s put a huge amount of pressure back onto our people as they wait for delivery. Thankfully they have all handled it superbly and, while there’s a lot of tired limbs out there, they are all nicely set up now for the rest of the year and to grow further in 2014."

So, is the rise simply because Cloudy2Clear have opened more branches? "Absolutely not," commented Waite. "While it is true that we have opened a further six branches already in 2013, taking our total to 33, you don’t get these sorts of increases without the marketing investment, hard work and absolute commitment to customer service that our Franchisees have shown.

"It really is testament to them that we are able to report such mind-boggling increases, quarter after quarter, as we all continuously improve together. That, to my mind, is the essence of franchising - it’s a real partnership where we all, including the customer, benefit."

It would seem that Cloudy2Clear are set fair for the rest of this year but Waite insists they are not resting on their laurels: "There’s so much more to do. We had planned an increase in our national advertising but, once it became apparent that many in the network just wouldn’t have coped, we had to postpone that and keep it going at a lower rate. Once the new vehicles and staff have bedded in then we’ll have more capacity so we’ll start to turn the heat up again. We’ve a great product and it’s obvious the public like what we do. Customer service is king for us and once we’re ready we’ll push the button again.

To anyone looking for a new career with Cloudy2Clear? "In some regions we’re filling up fast. In the North West, for example, we only have two areas left, so I would urge anyone looking to join us to check our area availability by getting in touch for more information or an interview. This business is going places and I would hate to think of someone who was a perfect fit missing out as they left off applying only to find that just a few weeks later someone else had got in before them."

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