Cloudy2Clear Helped Build A Real Family Business

Cloudy2Clear franchisee Brian Stanley has seen his business grow to the point that, not only is he able to secure his own future in his own business, he has also been able to employ his son, James.

"In 2012 my business was reaching capacity," says Brian. "Getting new enquiries wasn’t a problem and the Cloudy2Clear name itself, now I had been operating a couple of years, was more than well-established. I was finding that I was working longer and longer hours, just to keep up. Many of my colleagues had taken on fitters to cope in their areas and I understood completely the reasons for that. However, I felt that I really wanted to push myself and see how far I could get.

"By the end of the year, it was becoming very apparent that, in pushing myself, I was actually holding the business back. Like every other Cloudy2Clear franchisee, I pride myself in the service we offer and it was becoming very apparent that if I took any more business on, my service levels would suffer. What this meant was that I couldn’t take up any opportunities that came my way, such as a cheap advertising deal, as it would all become too much. Add to that leads that were landing on me from Cloudy2Clear’s national campaigns and it was becoming very frustrating! Everyone wants to move on and grow. It was time to expand, get another van and double our capacity."

But where to turn? Brian fortunately had the right man in the wings. "It was ideal timing," continues Brian. "James was just coming out of the Army and I chatted to him about it. He was keen, so with the help of Cloudy2Clear, we implemented a growth plan. James needed training up on the job - we held back for a month and then increased our marketing to get the leads we needed to, not only pay for his wages, but make more profit while still safeguarding the service levels. It’s a big leap, not because you are committing to more marketing spend, I knew that would work, but now I had the responsibility of making sure my son was paid. What if it didn’t work? What if he wasn’t up to it? The thought of sacking him did not sit easily. Fortunately, he’s come into the job with a passion and willingness to learn and I’m pleased to say we’re a real father and son team now."

Speaking on behalf of Cloudy2Clear, Marketing Director Martin Waite is thrilled by the progress of the Wolverhampton branch: "Brian has worked so hard since he joined us a few years ago. His honesty, integrity and work ethic have made him an extremely popular member of our network. Many of his colleagues, plus ourselves, to be fair, were urging him to take this step last year, but he worked himself into the ground to hang on. In James we have a young man who has already proven himself to be a valuable member of the team. Just like his Dad, he shows real passion and enthusiasm to be the best he can be for our customers and, with these two as a team, the future for Cloudy2Clear Wolverhampton is assured for many years to come."

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