British Company CoLaz Seizes Success Even During a Recession

Are you a business owner? Do you have investments? Are you working at a medium or large company? If so, can you remember exactly what emotions and feelings you had in Autumn of 2008 when you heard the first whispers of a troubled economy? Were you scared? Were you worried you might lose your job or your investments or worried about the success of your company? Well let me tell you about a British company that has experienced accelerated growth in spite of a poor economy. This is just one example of British courage, and fortitude, which has the capacity to triumph in the face of difficultly.

This British company CoLaz has not dwindled in the rough economic times where many other companies have taken a hard hit. CoLaz continues to grow with over a 90% gross percent margin.

Although they have had just as many if not more problems in the economic downturn, CoLaz has been able to face the recession and find different ways to grow their company making it profitable. They have proved to be successful with their efforts. With their unique services and honesty with their clientele, it is evident they are the leaders in the beauty & laser hair removal industry.

CoLaz has opened four locations over the past two years and is continuing to grow. They have started to franchise in order to grow their beauty salons and keep up with the demand for their services and products throughout the UK and are looking to appoint their first franchise owners.

Not only is CoLaz offering top of the line beauty salons, but they have now established training centers under the brand Beaulaz Beauty and Laser Training Center. These centers are located in Slough and Hounslow. The training centers offer NVQ Level 3 in beauty therapy as a standard level of training and Level 4 NVQ in Laser & IPL training. The schools exceed the basics in beauty therapy that most other schools do not educate their students in.

The beauty consultants that attend Beaulaz Centers are trained to be advanced in beauty therapy, and to be able to meet the minimum standards that CoLaz expects form its staff. The training centers have been created to give hands on experience; CoLaz will have educated new potential staff for the new franchise owners to utilize from these training centers.

CoLaz has the highest standard in the industry regarding honesty with their clientele which has made them one of the most trusted companies in the beauty service in the UK. They offer free consultations in order to examine the many different skin and hair types of their clients in order to prescribe the best therapies for each individual. During the consultations, the technicians discuss the different options for laser hair removal and are honest with the clients if the laser removal will be effective or not due to different types of skin and hair that the client may have. The company prides itself on offering the most effective treatments to their clients, not just the cheapest and quickest hair removal but instead the quality clients receive. They believe in listening to its customers and offering the best services for them.

As CoLaz has grown, they are now able to offer new lines of beauty services. Colaz beauty services include slimming and body shaping treatments, advanced facials, permanent makeup, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and acne treatment. Technicians are certified in blemish removal, skin tag and mole removal, and wart removal. CoLaz not only exceeds the high standards of the British beauty industry, but they are also able to offer services in many more areas of beauty expertise than that of most other beauty clinics. CoLaz was created to make the British woman “Sexy, Smooth and Confident.”