Complete Mortgage looking for franchisees

Who will provide loans to a small business? Not many. But if you have Complete Mortgage and Loan Services on your side, you can get access to big lenders. Complete Mortgage and Loan Services is a dedicated agency that provides valuable services to the financial mediator and the best part is that they are set to expand, so you can be a part of this successful team through a franchise based business.

Complete Mortgage has been one of the first packagers to operate a franchising system and backed with years of experience, it boasts of a tried and tested business model.

According to Tony Salentino, director of Complete Mortgage, the sector is going through an overhaul and this complete restructuring has left many a successful professional jobless.

Merging with stronger brands and seeking jobs is not the state of the industry as the lenders are refusing to back menial organisations.

Tony feels that the sector has always been optimistic and strong-willed with no dearth of innovation and creativity and so it will always prove beneficial to lenders. However, in the current period, only franchising can strengthen and consolidate the position of the mortgage packaging sector within this competitive environment.