Contactless payments trial completed by Coffee shop franchise Coffee Republic

Coffeeshop chain Coffee Republic is following a successful four month trial by equipping all its shops with contactless payment terminals. Using Barclaycard’s contactless technology, OneTouch, 16 outlets in Bluewater Shopping Mall, Canary Wharf, Broadgate and Bluewater were carried out by the pilot.

In order to fit the terminals across their outlets in the next 12 months, the bank is in talks with the company’s entire franchisee corporation. There are 52 franchised bars, 112 concessions and 16 company owned stores in the chain’s UK operations.

By the end of the trial, one in five credit card transactions at the Canary Wharf outlet were claimed to be contactless. During the trial, on an average, about 100 contactless transactions were made every month which were equivalent to a share of 18 percent of all credit card payments made. In areas of high traffic, contactless payments helped relieve heavy customer flow during the peak hours.

According to Keisha Meade, POS systems manager at Coffee Republic, the knowledge of contactless has proved to be very strong at the Canary Wharf outlet and they have seen a good amount of response and appetite for technology from their customers.

According to Meade, customers are aware of this technology and its uses. They recognize its advantages in terms of speed and simplicity.

Technology like this can really improve the output, as most of their bars only have a single terminal which proves to be good for their business as well as customers.

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