Couple Start New Career Path With Proven Business Model

Natalia and Sanjay Shah Natalia and Sanjay Shah are among the latest group of new franchisees in the Auditel cost management franchise. Before joining Auditel, Natalia‘s background was in sales of pharmaceuticals and Sanjay was a dentist.

Asked why they had chosen Auditel, Sanjay replied: “Sometimes, there’s a stage in life when you don’t know what’s the next best thing to do! You ask yourself where can I succeed and what can I be comfortable with? Auditel satisfied these criteria. It’s got a history of success. You can fit into Auditel regardless of your background or experience. I think the main feature is that it shares common values with people who aim to be successful. That’s the principal reason why I joined.”

Natalia added: “It’s a new career path within a proven business model!"

Natalia and Sanjay enjoyed the training. Natalia enthused: “It was intense, informative, well-organised, interactive, engaging, thought-provoking, inspiring and energetic, transforming my mind into business mode!”

Sanjay continued: “They were great sessions, which we shared with the other new franchisees. It has given me a new perspective and I look forward to carrying that out in the weeks to come!”

Matt Sidwell, Auditel’s Network Development Director, explained: “We are finding an increasing demand for our franchise from couples. It is advantageous for them because our franchise fee includes training for two people. As the business grows, we often find that relatives are invited to join the family business. Sometimes, franchisees who start as sole traders, take on staff employing up to five or six people and working from rented office space.

“There are enormous opportunities available to expand and build a really thriving and enjoyable business. We shall be delighted to hear from management professionals who would like to hear more about our opportunity. We still have a number of free Discovery Seminars available this year and look forward to meeting you!”