Daily Poppins beating the slowdown

It has finally been proved that domestic cleaning services are more of a necessity than a luxury. Daily Poppins, which launched a franchise in February this year despite the economic slow, has seen a growth of £8,000 per month

And it is not just the new franchisees; even the existing franchisees are doing well despite the current financial slump - an obvious testimony to the fact that domestic cleaning services are not the luxury of the rich but the necessity of all.

Even though the company is launching the brand in the Republic of Ireland and growing, according to Managing Director, Nigel Bearman, Daily Poppins has always concentrated on maintaining good relations with its franchisees - unlike other companies. That, he believes, is why the company as a whole is successful.

Nigel understands the risks of running a new company and hence makes sure that Daily Poppins offers whatever help it can to its franchisees ensuring the efficient and productive growth of the individual franchisee.

Helping a franchisee grow is what Daily Poppins believes its responsibility is and hence it has a dedicated research and development team which keeps the franchisees updated with the latest information.

The package that Daily Poppins offers is also hard to resist, for at a mere franchise fee of £15,995 plus VAT, the company offers an efficient business model, software and all the necessary apparel and equipment needed.

All that Daily Poppins asks for in return, is a dedicated and motivated drive for success and an ethical and hard work driven workforce.