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What Is Daily Poppins?

  • A true management franchise
  • Monday to Friday business
  • Work from home
  • Meet and talk to lots of people
  • Varied work

Daily Poppins Is...

  • not a cleaning job
  • not a cold calling job
  • no hard sell involved
  • no long hours

In the next few minutes we will show you 10 good reasons why you should become a Daily Poppins Franchisee. Starting with...

Everyone Loves The Daily Poppins Brand

"I love the brand. It made me smile. It makes everybody that I meet smile!" - Heather Salvador, Franchisee

"To be honest with you, it was the name. I thought that name would sell itself... and it did." - Ann Richardson, Franchisee

Daily Poppins Is A True Management Franchise

You send out teams of staff to your clients' homes. You are not the cleaner!

"It really is a management franchise. It enables you to continue to run your life around the business" - Jo Pope, Franchisee

Daily Poppins Has A Proven Franchise Model With A Network Of Successful Franchisees

"I didn't think that it would pick up as quickly as it did, and for me it met everything that I wanted to get out of it in a very short space of time." - Mike Mignona, Franchisee

"Very quickly, within six months, we were turning over eight or nine thousand pounds a month - and have continued to grow from there." - Jo Pope, Franchisee

There Is A Support Structure In Place

You are not on your own. It's your business with an experienced and knowledgeable team behind you

"The support that we have had... since day one we have been inundated with, overwhelmed with, support from Daily Poppins and it's up to yourself to get into business" - Clem Munadzo, Franchisee

It's A Recession-Proof Business

Franchisees who have started during the recession are meeting, or more likely exceeding, their profitability expectations.

"The fact that it was a franchise model. A proven system, something that really works, that you can follow and it builds up the way you want it to." - Ren Mignogna, Franchisee

"We purchased one franchise, which was Devon, and then quickly realised that it was a good business to go into and purchased our second franchise shortly afterwards." - Jo Pope, Franchisee

A Simple Framework

Daily Poppins has a simple framework, systems which are easy to follow and a business concept that works.

"I think, if you're interested in running your own business, being your own boss, looking for something where there's excellent back-up then it's worth looking at [Daily Poppins]" - Wilson Black, Franchisee

Continuous Development

We are continually enhancing the Daily Poppins model with new developments and revenue streams.

"It's evolved as it's gone along. Obviously, from when we first started, things have changed along the way. Different software has come in. Different diary systems have come in." - Louise Baccouche, Franchisee

"I'd have to say that the thing that impressed me most is the availability for a number of people to be able to work on the diary system at one time." - Tony Macken, Franchisee

Technologically Forward Thinking

Simple bespoke software supported by on-going improvements and developments, making life easier for franchisees and clients alike.

"Brilliant software, really really good. Everything is there in front of you." - Jo Pope, Franchisee

"It's dead easy. I'm not brilliant on computers but it is so easy!" - Ann Richardson, Franchisee

"The type of technology, moving forwards, I think that's going to set us apart from a lot of the competition." - Mike Mignona, Franchisee

No Previous Experience Required

Comprehensive training allows easy entry with no previous cleaning industry knowledge required.

"It's helped us in the sense of: working for yourself gives you the fleibility and freedom to do as you please." - Louise Baccouche, Franchisee

"No matter what field you come from, no matter what you've done in the past, you need to be focused and you need to be willing to work hard. To have a challenge. It's a fantastic franchise." - Cris Salvador, Franchisee

Your Business, Your Destiny:

  • No re-tendering,
  • repeat business with payments in advance,
  • positive cash flows,
  • low risk compared to commercial cleaning

"It's very transparent and you'll get complete proof that it works before you even sign up." - Ren Mignogna, Franchisee

"I strongly recommend Daily Poppins because the results will prove themselves. If you are prepared to put in the effort then, without a shadow of a doubt, you get the results." - Clem Munadzo, Franchisee

"This is what I've been doing for the last eight years and my life has been great. I really think the business works and that people should invest in the business. Definitely!" - Agnes Gasecka, Franchisee

Commercial .vs. Domestic Cleaning

  • Domestic is a £billion market
  • Domestic is a low risk market
  • Domestic does not require large staff numbers
  • Domestic operates with low overheads and virtually no facilities
  • Domestic clients pay in advance or service, not 90 days in arrears
  • No need for re-tendering and running the risk of losing staff or large clients

"In my last quarter of my first year of trading, my turnover was £49,500 and in my first year, from a standing start, my turnover exceeded £125,000" - Cris Salvador, Daily Poppins Ilkley

"I was delighted with my first year turning over just under £100,000 and my 2nd year is going to be just under £200,000. Even if I allow for a slower 3rd year, my revenues will be more than a quarter million - and that is during a recession." - Mike Mignogna, Daily Poppins Woking

"As an active person I wanted a business that would get me out and about, and cleaning came top of the list. I found the way in which I was presented the Daily Poppins franchise opportunity to be open and honest. The training was phenomenal and included hands on training at the head office. I've had much more training, expert advice and unwavering support than I could ever have wished for." - Clem Monadzo, Daily Poppins Southampton

"Business is going really well, I have two cars on the road and I am now in a position to invest in a third. The Daily Poppins franchise is easy to run and can be grown at your own pace. I would definitely recommend it!" - Aleksandra Kozoil, Daily Poppins Guildford