Deciding on the right franchise for you

The best way to decide on the right franchise for you is by looking at your skills and your experiences carefully and seeing where they are appropriate.

Your past jobs and experiences will have taught you skills that you can use in your next employment. Make the most of these skills and experiences and choose the type of work that will benefit from them. Then you can choose the right franchise to suit you too.

Research franchising thoroughly and look into the risks involved. The risks are very different to those involved with starting your own business and there are fewer of them, but they still exist.

Management skills are normally essential for any franchise type. That is because as a franchisee, you will be taking on and managing a lot of people.

Administration skills are also essential and that is because there is a lot of administration involved in managing a franchise.

It can be difficult to know what type of franchise you would like to work for, whether it is a shop or office. But don’t feel like you are restricted to choose something that you have worked in before; you don’t need to work in the same area, so long as you have transferable skills that you can use.