Deli looking for potential franchisees

For over 12 years, Dinky Deli groups have been in the franchising business. With this experience they now have come together with ‘Brambles’ a leading specialist in fresh food like sandwiches, pastries, drinks and confectionery and have created the UK’s first nationally branded fresh food franchise option.

This opportunity has in it all of the experience gained in building the immensely successful Snack-in-the-box franchise.

Deli recognises the value of franchising and is simply delighted with the association with Brambles Food Limited. The latter is also one of those who helped found the British Sandwich Association. It is a multi award winning business and has earned the reputation of the best in the sandwich and salad business since 1990.

Just like Cadbury is to the confectionery world, Brambles is a company renowned for its quality services and products and is currently supplying British Airways, Waitrose and also other catering companies. Within 30 seconds of arriving at work, you can start and are ready to serve your customers with hot or cool drinks with the food they ordered.

With health and hygiene being foremost, food is prepared under strict conditions and adhering to the most rigorous standards. Savoury pastries and gourmet sandwiches are now the lunchtime choices.

Health and hygiene legislation is dictating that food should now be prepared and delivered to places of work as per higher and more rigorous standards. Gourmet sandwiches and savoury pastries have become the preferred lunchtime choices.

Deli is looking for dedicated and focused individuals to join hands and form a franchise. During this launch phase a particular number of franchisees will enjoy a special entry price of £11,760 + VAT.

This is a 66% reduction on the initial licence fee, including all elements of the franchise package.

Dinky Deli reserves the right to go back to the standard franchise package fee of £16,760 + VAT once these places are filled.