Despite recession, Autosheen franchisees start a successful businesses

There are many people who do not like the job that they are doing. Most of all they hate being bossed around and following orders. Starting a new business of their own is an excellent way to turn the tables and earn more money. Gary O'Rourke, who used to work as a delivery driver, accepts that leaving his job was not easy.

Like so many other people he too wanted to become his own boss and earn more. But leaving a job that paid for his existence was very tough. He finally left his job because he came to know about the Autosheen car valeting franchise. By becoming an Autosheen franchise, Gary started a new business at a time when the recession was setting in.

Although the time was not ideal to start a new business, Gary’s franchise business became a great success due to the great support from the Autosheen group. Initially after becoming an Autosheen franchisee, Gary received helpful training. Autosheen management also helped Gary to get new clients to start off his business.

Once he started working on his own, the general manager of Autosheen franchise kept paying regular visits to Gary to check if he was having any problems with his franchise business. Today Gary runs his successful franchise and is enjoying a better pay and better quality of life.