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Video Transcript

Hi my name's Kate and welcome to Diamond Logistics, home of Really Good Couriers.

Before we start, have you read Rich Dad, Poor Dad? Because if you haven't, you should. It's a manual to future financial success and I thoroughtly recommend it, because I know you are here because you want to work for yourself, but as that book shows, there are two ways of doing it.

You can either be self-employed, working all hours of the day, just to keep your head above water, or you can own your own business and have a great quality of life.

Our successful franchise candidates aren't trying to buy a job, it's about investing in a business. A business where you can have couriers and carriers to do your delivery and office staff to do the work and administration, because I want my franchisees to be concentrating on what's really important, and that's making profit.

I expect all my franchisees to be ambitious enough to generate a seven figure turnover in their area, within three years. So, if it's a man and a van position you were thinking of, then I don't think we're made for each other. However, if you are serious about joining a quality, driven business, that helps our smart clients focus on profit, while we provide them with ingenious service-led logistics, and you're serious about earning at least a six-figure income from your business, then you may be our kind of franchisee.

Diamond Logistics has been providing UK businesses with seamless logistical solutions for 21 years. Big names, like McLaren, Rolls Royce and John Lewis, trust us to deliver on time, everytime. We provide same day, overnight and international couriers, via our multi carrier solution, plus we offer an actual warehouse solution for e-commerce clients, and that's a growing market.

This means you, as a franchisee, have three revenue streams, which is essential for business success, and crutially stability, particularly in choppy economic times. It's business to business with account holding clients, who utilise our services again and again. So, that's multiple revenue streams, from many clients, and repeat business.

We have "the best online and tracking system in the business" and that's a quote from one of our clients.

We have innovative and engaging marketing literature which supports our seven-step sales programme, to help you build your business. We have a thorough franchise training programme to make sure every franchisee is well-equipped to run their depot. We ensure our franchisees have minimal office space for administration, so they can focus on selling and running their operation, centralised billing and credit control. We don't ask for huge up-front payments, as we are invested in our franchisees' long-term success. For us, it's about building a network, not flogging franchises.

Our franchise opportunity is unique in that it requires little capital investment; it's just not the way our business model works. So you don't even have to own a fleet of vans, although one or two might be nice. Our original pilots are growng every month; we've just sold our first five postcodes in our 2013 rollout and already we have pre-booked for new franchises in 2014.

One more thing. Our ongoing commission is up to half of that of other courier-type franchises, because it's all about sharred success at Diamond, that's building partnerships between couriers and carriers, clients and franchisees. With three successful sites already in the UK, this is a proven formula, that's in growth rate of 80% in the last year.

You've obviously considered owning your own business, which is why you're here, but it can be scary, can't it. Particularly when over 70% of traditional businesses fail in their first year, when 91.8% of franchisees succeed, according to an FDS survey. Here at Diamond, we invest heavily in helping you to be successful. You'll get full business support, from finance to sales, marketing and operations. You'll have regular training events, info mails and annual meets to get together with other franchises, to share your top tips for success.

A Diamond franchise really is the best of both worlds - your own independent business with all the support and guidance you need to guide you towards success. So, are you our kind of franchisee? You'll preferably have managerial experience and an understanding of logistics. Ideally, you'll have a strong sales and marketing background and really understand what customer service stands for. You'll need at least £30,000 to invest in your franchise, which includes your Franchise Fees, that start from as little as £12,000.

So, is that you? If so I'd love you to get in touch.Fill in the contact form and we'll send you a brochure. If you think you might be our kind of franchisee, then apply today. I'll really look forward to hearing from you.