Different types of franchising

Once you start looking at franchise opportunities, you may find yourself becoming confused by all the choice out there. It can be difficult deciding on the right franchise for you, but here is a breakdown of all the different types:

Management franchise: the franchise owner will be in charge of several teams or maybe an entire region. Executive franchise: this involves running a one man white collar business such as financial services.

Retail franchise: the franchisor invests in a commercial property and hires the equipment and the staff to run it effectively.

Sales and distribution franchise: the franchise owner gets out and about to sell or distribute their products. Mobile servicing franchise: this is a lot less costly and it means that the franchisor buys the right to operate.

It is important to be familiar with these different types of franchise opportunities before you make any decisions to commit. Ensure that the franchise will work for you and your lifestyle and ideally, find a franchise within that sector that interests you.

Franchising can be a great career move to take, but you need to do your research and understand the different franchise opportunities available before you make any decision.