Dinesh Patel recommends Baskin Robbins franchise

Dinesh Patel recollects his fascination with franchising for Baskin Robbins by saying that a scoop of ice cream that he had while on a holiday to America with his wife Divya was the first thing that triggered his thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur and starting a franchise for Baskin Robbins. Dinesh says that the ice cream he had there was the best he had ever had and with a range of about 31 flavours to choose from, he was sure that there was one for everyone. With such thoughts, Dinesh realised that a Baskin Robbins franchise would surely be successful.

After returning from his trip, Dinesh, along with his wife Divya, found an existing shop in north-west London and turned it into a Baskin Robbins franchise. After this, they have always had good business and the pair of them are aiming to increase their business by another 10 percent this year.

Dinesh states that Baskin Robbins is an excellent company to work with. He also recommends Baskin Robbins to anyone who would like to open a franchise in the UK. Both Dinesh and Divya completed the extensive training course that is offered by Baskin Robbins.