Dolly Char Franchisee of the Year Announced

Dolly Char Franchisee of the Year Phil Docherty Dolly Char goes from strength to strength with the latest crop of new recruits all showing strong results. At the recent Annual Dinner conference in Horncastle Managing Director Robin Harrison was buoyant with the results seen in 2013 and looked forward to seeing all the franchisees exceed previous year’s results. Robin commented after by saying how pleased he was and thanked all that attended in what was a very special awards night.

This year’s franchisee of the year award went to Phil Docherty who runs Dolly Char in the Chesterfield/Sheffield region. Docherty, who started his business on a part-time basis, has had a really terrific year which resulted in him deciding to go full-time.

Docherty’s strong work ethic combined with his excellent customer service skills has proved that if you do it right the business is there and customers will recommend you to others which is without doubt the way Harrison set the business up.

Dolly Char continues to attract many enquiries and areas are going fast. If you have a strong management style with good customer service skills you can read further information here.