Dolly Char Going From Strength To Strength With Latest Team Member

Dolly Char are pleased to announce the recent partnership with Mike English of The Franchise Company to help grow the business. A specialist in franchising and helping companies use this route as method to establish a national brand.

English understands business like very few other people. Having founded and developed numerous businesses himself, his most notable accomplishment was with a Telecommunications venture that he began and turned into multi-million pound venture in less than three years.

English's primary role is to grow the Dolly Char Brand by recruiting franchisees with the right credentials and helping to build brand awareness.

English's favourite quote is: “You're only one idea away from your next fortune, and you never know when it will appear. If you aren’t ready to capture that idea when it streaks by, you may just lose out on the opportunity of your lifetime.” For many, Dolly Char could offer that opportunity.