Domino’s deliver new image for it national network

Domino’s pizza has announced that they will be implementing a new design for the UK and Ireland stores which includes a pizza theatre to showcase the company’s handmade pizza production process and the commitment to only use the best and fresh ingredients.

The pizza theatre will show visuals about the fresh dough and the quality of ingredients to the in-store customers with the help of the glass viewing pane. It will be the centre point of the new look which will be rolled out in more than 500 stores. The theatre will also show the team members interacting with the each other and the role that each of them play in getting piping hot products. The product is out of the door within 30 minutes for customers in the UK and Ireland.

Business development director, Andy Emerson, said that not every pizza delivery company will be confident about providing a behind the scenes snapshot. But at Domino’s they feel proud about the fact that they only source the freshest ingredients and make the freshest and the best pizzas in the business.

He added that they are confident about their new design that will help them in achieving their goal of expanding from 500 stores to 1000 stores in the UK and Scotland. Co-ordinated window poster displays will highlight Domino’s fresh ingredients.