Domino’s Pizza tops the sales chart

Domino’s Pizza has shown an increase in profits in the third quarter of this year. The like-for-like sales growth was 10.8% in 13 weeks, calculated up until September 27th. This could be a reflection of the impact of numerous marketing campaigns, including sponsorship of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Domino’s is the biggest pizza delivery firm in the UK. It has more than 583 stores in UK and Ireland and it has opened seven more sites in the third quarter, creating more than 800 jobs so far this year. It has performed well even during the recession period, as consumers seem to choose relatively affordable pizzas rather than spending money on expensive restaurant meals.

Domino’s rival pizza delivery firm, Papa John’s, is also doing well in the UK. The US-based company aims to have more than 150 stores in the UK and Ireland by the end of this year. It has achieved an 8.9% growth in the third quarter, leading to an increase in total sales by 30.9%.

Sales in September were particularly high, possibly because of BBC and ITV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor; shows which encourage families to stay at home at the weekend.

Domino’s is expanding hugely at the moment, and claims that they will achieve 1,000 stores by 2017.