Domino's Pizza Named as Top Franchise For Minorities by NMFI

For showing outstanding focus in recruiting and supporting minority franchisees Domino’s Pizza was selected and awarded as one of the top 50 outstanding franchisors for minorities by the NMFI (National Minority Franchising Initiative).

Domino’s has unveiled its new program known as ‘Delivering the Dream’ which is designed to help current Domino’s team members to become independent business owners. Domino’s provides financial support to minorities so that they can build new stores. Before making the initial announcement Domino’s had already helped minority franchisees open three new stores.

Domino’s supported three additional store constructions in Socorro, Waverly and Texas under their “Delivering the Dream” program.

Apart from the Domino’s program of “Delivering the Dream”, Domino’s is an active participant in:

1.    International Franchise Association's Minority Fran Program 2.    IFA's Educational Foundation's Diversity Institute 3.    Minorities in Franchising Committee

Selection for NMFI’s (National Minority Franchising Initiative) top 50 was based on the factors like past historical performance, market dynamics, level of initial training, financial stability, brand identification, franchisee satisfaction and ongoing support. They also selected results based on detailed questionnaire which was focused on minority make-up of the current franchisee base, at senior management level within the franchisor itself and also on current incentive programs offered to minority franchisees.