Dovey Ltd lands McCormick tractor franchise

It is quite unusual for a newly set up dealer to be given a mainline tractor franchise. However Dovey Ltd must have been quite convincing because they managed to convince the McCormick heads that they were capable of supporting the many customers of the popular tractor line.

Steve Cann, the McCormick area manager for the South of England, believes that Dovey Ltd has the enthusiasm and the capability to make the venture a success.

A year ago when Lee and Richard decided to form a tractor range to sell, they visited the Agritechnica show in Germany where they were bowled over by the impressive red and silver tractors of the McCormick stand. They realised no one in their area was selling such tractors and McCormick was exactly what they wanted to start Dovey Ltd with.

The fact that they supplied a couple of tractors within weeks of being appointed by McCormick allayed any fear and scepticism that McCormick had.

Though their venture is new, Richard and Lee have their share of experience. Richard having operated RAD Engineering Ltd for the past five years, providing fabrication services and tractor hire and Lee was employed for 18 years as a service technician servicing local farm machinery.

Lee and Richard, however, are not overconfident. They do acknowledge the fact that with no familiarity about McCormick tractors, acquiring customers is not easy. However, with what McCormick and Dovey Ltd offer, customers should give them a chance.

Dovey Ltd believes that a major help to their venture - something that will attract customers - is the range of tractors to suit local business needs. Special models for fruit plantations and a wide range of tractors for grassland farming will popularise their products and help gain sales.

Having already secured two sales, one to a local contractor, an 82hp c85 Max, and one to a fruit grower which is an MC115 of 115hp, the cousins have full faith in their venture.

To help publicise their products, Dovey Ltd has tractors in stock and has set up tractors for demonstration purposes, including the 102hp CX105 - McCormick’s best selling model.