Dragons’ Den Business To Invest In Franchisee Discovery Dens

Successful franchise business Razzamataz Theatre Schools has just announced a huge investment into increased Franchisee Discovery Dens across the country.

Would-be entrepreneurs may well remember Razzamataz, one of the most triumphant businesses to set foot in BBC’s Dragons’ Den and win investment from Duncan Bannatyne. Much like the face-to-face contact with the Dragons, Razzamataz believes that getting out there to meet prospective franchisees is the best way to describe the wonderful business opportunities of owning a Razzamataz Theatre School.

“We are committed to recruiting the very best franchisees in the country because we know that with the right candidates, the earning potential in a Razzamataz franchise is huge,” explained Denise Hutton-Gosney, Managing Director and Founder of Razzamataz.

“This business has huge potential for a wide range of candidates. We have young mums with babies who earn in the region of £50,000 a year through operating one Friday evening and one Saturday morning school just once a week during term time and can combine this with looking after their little ones because we are such a flexible business. Term time Saturday schools with multiple classes can turnover in the region of £150,000. We know that for the right candidates, a Razzamataz part-time theatre school is a fantastic opportunity and Franchisee Discovery Dens are the best way of getting our stories out there.”

Discovery Dens are to be held on a regular basis in London, Glasgow and Sheffield to meet as many prospective franchisees as possible. The informal meetings will be kept to just a few people each session to allow each attendee the maximum opportunity to ask as many questions as possible. The idea behind Franchisee Discovery Dens is the chance to find out much more about the business and discover if you are the right candidate.

“Razzamataz is an exciting, thriving business with new marketing opportunities happening on a weekly basis,” continued Hutton-Gosney. “It can only really be explained fully by meeting people to show them what is available so for us, the investment in increased Franchisee Discovery Dens is certainly a worthwhile venture.”

Since appearing on Dragons’ Den back in 2007, the business has boomed with now almost 40 franchise schools up and down the country, and according to The Stage newspaper, is one of the top five part-time theatre schools in the UK.

The franchise business has been a popular choice for a wide range of people, from mums who want an exciting career to fit around their children, to young entrepreneurs with the dedication to succeed in business, because the beauty is that Razzamataz gives you all the support you need to strike out on your own, with many proven systems, procedures and operating documents. What you MUST have is a passion for the performing arts, the dedication to work with children and young people and a strong work ethic!

The Franchisee Discovery Dens will offer the chance to learn more about the business, including how Razzamataz attracts top-level third parties including The Stage newspaper, Universal Pictures, First Choice Holidays and the Love Cravendale campaign. More about the high-level training and support sessions which are constantly available FREE of charge with Razzamataz from a range of experienced professionals from across the sectors from PR and Marketing to Social Media and IT support, and most importantly a chance to speak to current franchisees who have found that following the formulae that Denise Hutton-Gosney and Duncan Bannatyne created has allowed them to have a flexible but financially rewarding business.

The Razzamataz Discovery Den are a great way to learn more about franchise businesses. They are free to attend and of course there is no obligation as this is not a ‘sales’ day. The only commitment is your time – around 60-90 minutes and it is advised that you ask lots of questions to find out as much as possible.