Drain Doctor offers a home emergency insurance policy

Drain Doctor Plumbing is a popular franchise in the UK. They have recently made their business offering stronger by offering a home emergency insurance policy. This adds another feature to the Drain Doctor franchises across UK. All the franchisees will now be able to provide this new policy to their customers. Drain Doctor Home Emergency Cover is provided in partnership with Home Assistance UK Ltd and is guaranteed by Royal and Sun Alliance.

This policy offered by Drain Doctor Plumbing Company offers their users to benefit from immediate assistance in the event of damaged roofs, windows and doors. Besides this, users will also receive assistance with blocked drains, heating problems and burst pipes, which are the core services offered by Drain Doctor Plumbing Company.

Freddie Mitman, who is the chairman of Drain Doctor Plumbing Company, stated that the Home Emergency Cover has been formulated to give their customers complete peace of mind. He also added that trying to find a reputable plumbing company in emergency situations can be quite a taxing job.

Drain Doctor Plumbing Company however, will enable its policy owners to receive emergency services within three hours of the event without the requirement of payment for the services.