Dream Door offers incentives and rewards to its franchises

The largest and most popular kitchen facelift franchise in the UK is Dream Doors, and they have recently declared a major realignment in its management service fee. In order to encourage sales, the management service fee has been staggered to offer a prize for high turnovers.

Troy Tappenden, the founder and managing director of Dream Doors has said that more than a thousand pounds has been added to this new deal- which rewards top performing franchises. A 20 percent increase in profits will be provided to all those franchise businesses that work hard in order to see Dream Doors grow and develop.

The founder and managing director continued that this initiative will be a huge incentive for all the existing franchises. He also stated that this rewards system will motivate existing franchises into performing better and will also encourage new franchisees to become a part of Dream Doors.

Six Dream Door franchises, which have been in this business for many years have exceeded the £400,000 mark. These franchises are benefitting majorly from this new reward scheme introduced by Dream Doors. The new staggered arrangement is a great benefit for all those franchises that are now experienced, and this reward is a move to thank franchises for their contribution towards the business.