Dream Doors franchise has changed the life of Philip and Helen Mahon

Philip and Helen Mahon have been married for twenty years and had toyed with the idea of going into business together for a long time before settling on becoming Dream Doors franchise owners. They were both employed before they opted for a Dream Doors franchise. The main reason they were drawn to this was because neither of them had any experience in running a business and were really intrigued by it. Moreover, the assistance in training and management offered by Dream Doors further confirmed their vision.

They completed their one month training course and then launched their first Dream Doors franchise in January 2007. For Helen, running her own business has been a life changing experience. They both have separate roles for themselves so that they have an accurate idea of what it takes to run a business smoothly. Philip handles the operational side of the business and Helen takes care of the managerial side along with the paperwork.

They have benefited a great deal from their Dream Doors franchise which now gives them ample free time to spend with each other and also run several other errands which were difficult to manage previously.