Dublcheck: earning profits in recession

Over the last year, several Dublcheck franchisees have recorded considerable business development even with the continuation of the economic downturn. Dublcheck offers a very attractive franchise package with benefits including centralised support, a guaranteed turnover and 15 years experience to bank upon.

In August 2004, John Brooks launched his Dublcheck franchise and in last few weeks he has continued to sign new contracts. He had contracts starting in December and more in January. Despite the recession, his business is still expanding. Last year, John achieved an income of £200,000 and next year he is expecting to further improve his income.

In January 2005, Graham Hey started his business and during the credit crunch his business has still flourished. He said that his total income for the last 12 months was £400,000. Last year, he experienced a 30% growth in sales.

Dublcheck is a contract cleaning franchise that offers a white collar or hands on management franchise opportunity. The price of the Dublcheck franchise ranges from £9,000 to £190,000 which depends on the level of earnings the franchise is looking for. Both John and Graham were attracted to the franchise by the guaranteed income that Dublcheck provides.