DVD Kiosk Franchise The Movie Booth Looks to Expands Network

Blockbuster Buckles Under Kiosk Growth Since launching in the 80’s, Blockbuster has been synonymous with renting movies.  However, the company now finds itself on the brink of bankruptcy and may be forced to close stores across the globe as a result.  With debts of £635 million and a share price that has dropped to 32 cents per share, the company is struggling to cope with changes in technology.  So what has caused Blockbuster’s demise?

DVD Kiosks Are Shaping the Market A newcomer to the market, DVD kiosks are quickly eating into Blockbusters share of the rental market.  Placed within existing retail stores the automated kiosks minimise premises and staffing costs, enabling these savings to be passed on to consumers, undercutting rental prices of traditional high street chains including Blockbuster.  In the USA, Redbox have set the pace with DVD kiosks and now have more than 22,000 kiosks in operation giving them a market share of 13% in 2009.  The kiosks offer rentals for $1 a night from many of the largest grocery stores in America.

Are There DVD Kiosks in the UK and Ireland? In the UK, Blockbusters 630 stores are coming under threat from Movie Booth DVD kiosks.  The company has 50 kiosks in operation spread throughout many of the country’s most well known retail groups, with five new locations opening each month.  The company model is based on convenience and price of renting from kiosks leading to UK consumers embrace renting movies from DVD kiosks in the same way the US public has.

Can I Become a DVD Kiosk Owner? The Movie Booth is actively seeking investors that are interested in profiting from this exciting new technology.  Becoming a kiosk operator is simple:

  • The Movie Booth identifies, negotiate and secure a prime retail site for your kiosk.
  • A multitude of finance options make this investment affordable for the masses.
  • We offer ongoing business support in all key areas of your operation.
  • You can run this business alongside a full time job – it’s that easy.

What’s in This For Me? By investing in this technology in its early stage of growth, you are able to purchase the kiosk at a price which will greatly increase in the coming months.  As more kiosks launch and more people become aware of the technology usage from end users - and demand from people looking to invest in the technology - will greatly increase.

If you decide to invest in a kiosk now, you’ll be able to pick the best available locations in your area, maximising your profitability.  This will also give you a zone of exclusivity which means you’ll have first choice to install further kiosks in your area once your business takes off.

For further information on this opportunity click here and complete the registration details. A member of The Movie Booth team will then be in touch to answer your questions.