‘4 seasons’ launches franchise business model with the help from FDS

4 Seasons, an air conditioning company, has launched its franchise business model with the help of Franchise Development Services. 4 Seasons is now looking for prospective franchisees to grow the brand nationally. Franchisees are expected to promote the 4 Seasons business through marketing and sales strategies.

According to Managing Director of 4 Seasons, there was space and scope on the market for small and domestic commercial installations, when the company was established in 2003. He also pointed out that the market had grown tremendously during the last couple of years and that they had developed very good customer service strategy.

The reasons why 4 Seasons contacted FDS Northern is because when they were developing the franchisee offer they wanted to get it right from the start. Their customer service is focused more on professional delivery at all the levels. Tony Urwin, Director of the FDS Northern, is very experienced in the franchise strategy.

4 Seasons worked with FDS Northern alongside for developing a comprehensive franchising package, including constant training and support.