‘Colour’ fence your franchise

Colourfence has developed a special tensile steel fencing to improve the gardening experience for, as they say, ‘the garden lovers’. The revolutionary and specially designed fence does not rot, wrap or even peel for a guaranteed 15 years and can stand gusts of wind up to 130 mph. As an alternative to traditional, conventional wooden fencing, this low maintenance fence protects from most elements and just needs the hose sometimes to keep it looking good.

Colourfence came to the UK in 2003 after huge success in Australia. It began franchising its business model nationwide in 2005. Currently, Colourfence has 16 operational franchises in its UK network and is seeking more prospective people to join the opportunity.

According to the managing director, Mark Stewart-Woods, a franchise is hard work and is a genuine ground floor business, and is not just a job opportunity which suits someone with an outdoor lifestyle, or someone with sales or marketing experience.

Since domestic and commercial clients both require fencing solutions, franchisees have a wide market. What makes up the franchise package is two weeks training, a significant contribution to local marketing costs and ongoing support.

Andrew Limer, a franchisee, was unceremoniously shown the door after a 20 year stint, because his current company merged with another. This made Andrew look to self-employment and franchising.

According to him, Colourfence was appealing since it was not available through the normal retail channels and was also a unique product.

He talks of his experience as being very good, and despite the economic downturn, his sales have been high. He claims that hearing people compliment him on his work is the best part because although fencing can be physically tough, the compliments make up for it.

Since it is a franchise, he can work hours according to his needs and being an outdoor person, he is happy at not being chained to a desk.