Ensuring a smooth Franchisee-Franchisor relationship

Starting and sustaining a franchising business model requires considerable investment. You have to invest not only your money but also a lot of your time and effort.

Maintaining a healthy working relationship between a franchisee and franchisor is essential for the success of business. An ideal franchisee-franchisor relationship should be based on the following three premises:

•    Each party has the right to negotiate through active communication. •    Both parties have the understanding to work out common goals. •    A franchisee and franchisor treat each other with respect.

Just like in any other relationship, a franchisee and franchisor should understand each other’s position. Both the parties should be aware of their respective responsibilities and fulfil them accordingly.

Both a franchisor and franchisee must share the vision and support. Professionalism and open communication is also essential for their success.

Often, the relationship between a franchisor and franchisee can be spoilt because of sheer ego and a lack of understanding. Both sides need to be flexible in their approach and need to take into consideration each other’s point of view.