Green Giants: Environmental Franchises Set To Soar With New Government Proposals

The latest Government announcement, that domestic renewable energy solutions will save households thousands of pounds, has set the UK renewable energy market alight, turning franchise investors’ heads across the board.

In August, The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has released the framework of new plans to incentivise homeowners to purchase renewable energy solutions. The plans, which will see homeowners paid for each kWh of energy produced by domestic renewable energy sources, are set to come in to place in 2014.

The scheme, which aims to coerce even more homeowners to transform their houses into off-grid units, will almost certainly increase the demand for renewable energy solutions. Currently the industry is posting impressive growth figures, which are set only to spiral upwards as increasing enquiries flood in.

Environmental franchises, therefore, are poised to enter a golden age as the Government announces new targets, that domestic energy sources should produce 15 per cent of total UK energy by 2020. Franchise opportunities in this sector are thriving, and usually require an affordable investment. According to Government sources, the UK renewable energy market is set to have a value of £50 billion by 2020.

Richard Hiblen, Co-founder of Green Square – Home Energy Centre, says: “The renewable market in the UK is now one of the largest growing markets, and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has only helped make it more of a desirable industry to be part of.”

Environmental franchises that provide self-sufficiency to homeowners, inline with Government plans for the future of the nation, are set to expand exponentially. Buying into a proven environmental franchise, prior to the market take off, is likely to be an extremely shrewd acquisition that will help provide a better world for generations to come.

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