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Video Transcript

Envirovent is a UK manufacturer and we make indoor air quality products. We've been in business for over 25 years now and we employ over 180 staff and we're still growing. The reason why we're in business and why we're still growing is because the UK is now striving to save energy. There is a huge drive to save energy in people's homes, because of the cost of energy is going up. So a lot of initiatives are going on, like cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, double glazing, open fires are being sealed up and basically properties are becoming more air tight, and we spend a lot of time in our homes. As a result of properties becoming air-tight, the indoor air quality is suffering; it's no coincidence now that we've got huge problems with condensation and mould and asthma. It's a growing market and Envirovent is in business to manufacture innovative energy efficient products, to solve the the indoor air quality problem in people's homes.

Phil Harrison - National Franchise Manager

"Hi, my name is Phil Harrison and I'm the National Franchise Manager for Envirovent. The Envirovent franchise was established in 2010. As a business, we've been around since 1997. We established there was a huge opportunity within the private landlord and private homeowner market in 2010. Eighty per cent of the UK housing stock is held within the hands of homeowners and private landlords, so, as a business, we were going after 20 per cent of the UK housing market and social housing.

"Since 2010, we've built up the franchise to 32 franchised areas, as it stands today, and we have 32 business owners - franchised business owners - selling our products, selling our service, within the private market. So, the franchise is very much a sales, marketing-focussed business. We're looking for people who want to develop a business, not have a job, and within that, we will give you full training and full ongoing support.

"An Envirovent franchise territory costs £19,950 + VAT. So, what do you get for your money? Well, you get initial and ongoing training, both at head office here in Harrogate, and in the field, based out in the field training with a BDM (Business Development Manager). You get all your demonstration units, a van contribution - there's a van involved so a van contribution of £660 towards the van - and also the signage on your new van.

"Equipment, well you'll need equipment to do your home surveys, and we will provide all your equipment, the customer relationship management system, marketing collateral and uniforms. All this, in an excluive franchise territory of approximately 1 million people and 400,000 homes."

An Envirovent Franchise Owner's Viewpoint

Stuart Wright - Franchise Owner

A typical day would be, would involve going out and surveying properties for landlords and homeowners. That will involve using specialist equipment to detect humidity and then also we'd be in a position where we would want to advise as to the correct type of equipment to install, to correct any problems that we discovered with that equipment.

"Products such as the cyclone fan, which is our award-winning extractor fan; which is absolutely perfect for kitchens and bathrooms to reduce humidity and stop condensation from forming, and then throughout the whole house, we have whole home ventiallation systems like the Mr Venty eco system, which is an anti-condensation unit. This would typically be fitted in the loft and would be introducing fresh, clean, filterd air into the property to dilute, displace and replace the moisture laiden air on a constant air change cycle. So, the other benefits as well would be for people that have maybe respiratory disorders, such as asthma and allergies.

"The initial training was great because obviously Envirovent has a huge amount of experience. I didn't actually come from a ventillation background, so it was a little bit daunting to start off with, but you'll find here that there are so many people with huge, many years of experience in the business, and also the benefit of actually manufacturing the products here has meant that I was actually in amoungst the products; it wasn't all just theory, I could actually see how the things worked, got demonstrations, so that I could then relay that perfectly to my customers when I go out in the field.

"The on-going support has, again, been great. Mainly because of the level of expertise and the different people down here, and one of the main things, in particular, is on the installations side, becuase it's, traditioanlly, Envirovent has always had their own installers and these guys are fitting literally thousands of these products. Now the benefit of that is that not every property is the same; occasionally you're going to come across a property that is hard to treat, you're gong to come across properties that have got some difficulties in them, and when you come across those things, so have somebody there who you can just go to, who has actually seen it and done it before, and knows exactly how to solve the problem, is absolutely ideal.

"One of the biggest things that keeps us ahead of our competition is innovation. We're very fortunate, really, in the space that we trade in, that most of our competitors don't seem to have bothered to have spent any money or time or effort, innovating their products, which means that when we bring out our products, that have been specifically designed to solve real-life problems, we're absolutely leagues ahead of our competition."

Rebecca Marczak - Marketing Director

"So we provide our franchise owners with as much training and support as possible, and this includes substantial lead generation, created through our national marketing activities, such as digital, press advertising and our recent TV campaign, which proved hugely successful in generating thousands of leads for our franchise network, and especially building our brand across the nation."

Stuart Wright

"One of the huge benefits of buying into a franchise, where you've already got an established brand, but the good news is that not only is the brand established, it's becomming better and better known, year after year after year, and just the fact that when you step out of your van, and you walk towards the door to them and you're greeted by somebody that sees you're wearing the brand on your shirt and that you've got the brand behind you on the van and the fact that they're going to see that branding in all sorts of differnt types of media, it just gives that customer the feeling that they can trust you straight away. You're not just some man in a white van that's tuned up randomly; you're there and you've got this big brand behind you, and that really works for us."

Phil Harrison

So now you've heard all about the fantastic Envirovent franchise opportunity, we do have limited areas left and we are full bfa members; we've done things the right way. If you're interested, please do give us a call; we'd be delighted to hear from you.

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