Eprintglobal offer franchising opportunity

Eprintglobal is making a convincing business proposal which involves harnessing the power of technology in order to deliver online support, and flexible ‘print on demand’ solutions.

Craig Rutherford, CEO, said that eprintglobal have created the technology to offer one of the most exciting franchise businesses available. They strongly believe that now is the perfect time to benefit from this exclusive opportunity. Being an eprintglobal franchisee will enable you to provide one of the most efficient printing solutions available today.

Eprintglobal has developed an online business by utilising the power of the internet through which all the companies can access all their print and design needs such as marketing, stationery and design support packages.

Consumers can direct their design and do the printing work by choosing a template and delivery process, and then making the payment. All of this work can be done online. The facility to track, manage and store files is also available.

Eprintglobal invests in state of the art technology and also widens the integrated franchisee support services such as local and central online marketing, initial and ongoing training, production, design, online delivery and workflow management.

Eprintglobal is an online unique franchise opportunity that offers every business with a convenient print on demand solution.