12 months on and Neil is seeing great success with Equitimax Insider Circle

As his priorities changed, motor industry manager Neil Peet, was looking for an opportunity where he could spend more time at home with his young daughter, which fit around his other commitments and also provided the opportunity to earn a good income.

Thanks to Equitimax Insiders Circle – Neil found just what he was looking for.

Neil says, “Having spent many years with my work dominating my life, I was looking for more freedom. Equitimax Insiders Circle is the only franchise I've come across that ticks the boxes for me.

Neil joined Equitimax Insiders Circle 12 months ago and now having successful completed the Education Programme, is now successfully operating the franchise and has already recruited and trained students himself.

Neil commented, “The support given by the team at head office is superb, really helping to grow and develop your franchise.

As one of the main factors for joining EIC was the flexibility it offered to allow Neil to priorities family, in August Neil took the month off to do just that. When he returned in September, Neil was delighted to generate £12,000 in just 1 week!

Neil added: “After a break in August where I took the month off to spend with my 3 year old daughter and wife, I have come back to generate £12k in just a week.. and I’ve got some great prospects that I expect to join the Equitimax Insiders Circle before very long. Very pleased…

Since being involved with EIC, not only has Neil has completed the training course and is now trading himself, but Neil has also generated £33,000 in sales.

Neil concluded, “Equitimax Insiders Circle has delivered everything they said they would. The earning potential is absolutely there and I would highly recommend it as an opportunity.