Esquires Coffee Houses launch reusable cup sleeves

Esquires Coffee Houses have launched a new reusable cup sleeve for their take away drinks that are made of 100% recycled paper in a bid to reducing the wastage. For ensuring that the customer re-uses their sleeves Esquires’ Coffee Houses have launched a loyalty scheme where the customers who reuse their cup sleeves 9 times will be rewarded with a free drink on their 10th visit.

With more than a quarter of million takeaway purchases made every day, the reusable sleeves have massive potential for reducing the waste that is created by the takeaway trade. Peter Kirton, the managing director of Esquires Coffee Houses said that after becoming one of the high street coffee chains supplying Fairtrade coffee, the chain has continued to practice responsible trading by tackling business issues head on and working to bring long term benefits to the communities which work with them.

The new sleeves use a simple concept which has good potential to reduce the waste produced by the takeaway business.

Esquire’s customer Martin Prett came up with the thought of using reusable cup sleeves. Prett approached a number of high street coffee shop chains with the idea before Esquires responded.