Testimonial From EweMove Franchisees

Davina Agyemang – EweMove.com Croydon

“I enjoy huge financial rewards and I have much more time at home playing with my son.

"Before I became a EweMove.com franchisee, I worked as an Office Manager in a lettings agency in London. It was a good, steady job and I loved being in the property business. The downside was the inflexibility of the hours, the commute and the fact that the nursery fees were eye-watering and my son was often already in bed by the time I got home.

"EweMove.com gave me my freedom! I jumped at the chance of becoming a EweMove.com franchisee because it gave me everything that was lacking in my life at that point.

"Apart from the financial freedom, it has given me the opportunity to take charge of my destiny and be my own boss. Every day is different – I am not tied to a desk. Every day I am out and about, meeting new people and building strong relationships with landlords and tenants as well as helping people to sell their homes.

"I am in charge – and it is extremely rewarding and satisfying to know each new customer on the books is down to me and my hard work.

"I certainly enjoy not having to do the commute each day and working from home means that the overheads are minimal and I can organise my day so that I have quality time with my son.

"My earnings have improved considerably and continue to grow. EweMove.com is such an intelligent business model. It enables me to continually develop and pass on a substantial business to my son.”

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Mike & Becky Lancaster – EweMove.com Delamere

“The great EweMove.com support systems blow the competition out of the water!

Mike & Becky Lancaster - EweMove.com Delamere "We have been business owners for years, running a successful document management company. We were looking for a new challenge and the prospect of working with such a strong and dynamic community as EweMove.com were offering, was too tempting to ignore! Although our business was going well, it was isolating working by ourselves.

"EweMove.com’s innovative marketing strategies put them miles ahead of the competition. As a franchisor, they always deliver and are constantly developing ways to support their franchisees in increasing their sales. The excellent marketing techniques mean that EweMove.com properties go very quickly. They understand the needs of landlords and sellers alike and offer ground-breaking services as standard, that no other sales and letting agency can. They make it very easy for prospects to book a viewing and find the property they want. All the landlords in my portfolio are extremely positive about the comprehensive services and communication methods that EweMove.com offer.

"Part of the EweMove.com success is in their ability to build a community. Their passion, commitment and professionalism are a great source of motivation.

"EweMove.com allows us to play to our strengths. We enjoy the variety and getting out and meeting people. The minimal overheads mean we can be very competitive in the marketplace.

"We find that we used to get bogged down in all those ‘tedious admin tasks’ as we call them. They always took us hours in the evenings and weekends. EweMove.com’s software makes this almost effortless and frees up a lot of our time to concentrate on sales, building relationships and having a life.

"The financial rewards and growing success mean that we will very quickly be able to generate a six-figure annual income."

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Hayley Trantam - EweMove.com Ealing

“My business has grown so quickly because of the EweMove.com support and admin structures.

"I have built a thriving business from scratch, which I don’t know whether I could have done as quickly or as effectively without the support of the EweMove.com franchise model.

My background is in property; I was employed by an independent property management company as a property and lettings manager. As an employee, I was putting in long hours, working evenings and weekends with little reward – my earnings were capped no matter how many hours I worked. It was difficult to book holidays and even something as simple as a Doctor’s appointment.

"EweMove.com is the perfect opportunity to be your own boss. I love being part of the EweMove.com ‘flock’ as I can run my business the way I want to, make my own decisions, but still have the top quality support of central hub. They are always innovative in their approach and in supporting and developing my sales strategies. This has meant that I did not have to wait long to see a return on my investment.

"What sets EweMove.com apart is the high levels of service and efficiency that come as standard with EweMove.com – a fact that more and more sellers and landlords understand and appreciate. This will help grow the business to ever greater success in the future.

"I appreciate the freedom I have in being a EweMove.com franchisee. I have learned how to manage my time and reap the financial rewards of being productive. Highly recommended!”

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Bill Miller – EweMove.com Hull

“The high return on investment means we are well ahead of schedule to meet our target of £75,000 within the first year.

“When my wife Geraldine took early retirement earlier this year, we had a lump sum to invest. We wanted a vehicle which would provide us with a suitable return with which to enjoy a comfortable later life. We spent some time searching for the right business to invest in.

"I ran my own property management company for years – as a one man band company I worked very long hours, juggling the requirements of sales, accounting, marketing, planning, client relationship management and problem solving – I wasn’t even sure I wanted to remain in the property business, as I was jaded and had little work/life balance.

"The EweMove.com franchise makes everything so easy. Taking the EweMove.com franchise was the best move I ever made. EweMove.com take all the hassle and stress away because their comprehensive support package is so good. It means all I have to do are the ‘nice’ bits, like meeting people, building relationships and making sales.

"The greater the effort, the greater the return and with minimal overheads, the greater the profit margin.

"The support processes are so easy to pick up and implement. Everything is automated and I find I spend much less time on administration tasks and much more time enjoying the garden.

"Everyone at central hub is so supportive, helpful and cheerful, as are the other franchisees. Advice or a sounding board is always available. It’s the most efficient, motivational and rewarding way to run a business.”

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