Excellent franchising opportunity with The Eggfree Cake Box franchise

With modern food trends gradually causing people to limit their eating of certain food types, the products that promise to be free from less desirable ingredients have seen an increase in demand. This partially describes the achievement of The Eggfree Cake Box, a retail idea that has successfully established itself in the niche market offering egg-free cakes on order. The order for egg-free cakes includes wedding cakes within 24 hours and celebration cakes within 20 minutes.

Due to popularity and demand, the company is looking forward to expand nationally via franchising. The East-London company-owned pilot store established last year, is now achieving more than £6,000 in weekly sales. Sukh Chamdal, founder of The Eggfree Cake Box has already completed franchise agreements with 3 individuals and is looking for an additional 6-8 by the end of this year.

Sukh said that they initially planned the product to target vegans and certain religious groups, who need egg-free food products. However, the demand that they received from the entire demographics was enormous because the taste of cakes were amazing. He also said that there is not much competition on high streets in terms of cake shops because supermarkets have steered them away.

Pawan Kumar, the initial franchise owner is operating his Ilford-based shop for 3 months and is projecting a turnover of £100,000 for his first year. Pawan Kumar used to work as a tailor and when he saw the idea of egg-free cake, he thought of it as a better business plan for the future.