FASTSIGNS franchise finds a solution to sub-zero signage problem

FASTSIGNS’s Milton Keynes franchisee, Alan Grimes, has made a signage solution for the sub-zero temperatures of local indoor skiing centre SNO!zone.

After 3 months, Alan discovered the perfect adhesive, which was resilient enough to withstand extreme conditions. Every evening, snow falls from the ceiling of SNO!zone to refresh the slopes, which means that the atmosphere is always damp and the temperature is around -5° C.

The printed graphics previously in the building would not stick to the surface for long periods of time. Alan conducted numerous tests before discovering the special adhesive, which was imported from Belgium. This completely secured large format graphics nearly 14 metres across. With this, SNO!zone can now sell advertising space on their pillars and drag lift shafts.

According to Alan, he is the only signage and graphics provider in the UK who can create large format prints that are suitable for such conditions. He also added that they had to go extreme lengths for finding an industrial strength adhesive that could withstand a combination of cold and condensation. It is very important for SNO!zone to offer advertisers attractive posters that will not become shabby after exposure to snow.

Alan added that it was a tough job for them and they believe in going that extra mile so that they can help the customers and their efforts paid off.