FDS Featured in Start Your Business Magazine

Franchise Development Services (FDS) got off to a flying start this year with the release of a new set of figures from a report into the current state of the Franchise market.

During the course of 2012-13, thousands of new investors signed up to Franchise Development Services. That represents a 41% increase over a two year period.

The study received widespread industry pick-up, including an article in Start Your Business magazine.

Franchise opportunities lend themselves particularly well to those starting out on a new business venture, since they offer the opportunity to run your own business within the framework of an already well established brand.

The figures also showed that hundreds of new franchise brands (franchisors) have registered with FDS during the past two years, providing excellent market conditions with a swell of both new investors and franchise brands.

Professor Roy Seaman, Founder & Chairman of Franchise Development Services, said: “Based on current figures, 2014 looks like being an extremely promising year for UK and indeed global franchising. The number of registered franchisors has risen steeply in the past two years, and we have during that same period experienced the highest ever increase in the total number of potential franchise owners. If even a fraction of this potential is realised in the UK franchise sector it could have a very positive impact on the UK economy in 2014.”