Fiducia Commercial Solutions has launched its national franchise

Fiducia Commercial Solutions are one of the UK’s top self-governing commercial mortgage brokers. Fiducia commercial solutions use a distinctive sourcing system, Commercial Brain. It has proved itself to be very successful.

Managing partner, Marcus Grimshaw said that in the past few months, the lending market has seen several changes. Clients and professional advisors had a tough time in finding and obtaining lending facilities. Their own team of brokers had seen a drastic increase in introductions. An impartial and independent broker is much required now.

He also added that their sourcing system, Commercial Brain, has now become very important to seek which lenders are looking forward for new business. Their system is completely web based which instantly sources all lenders across the UK high street, non-conforming, secondary and sub prime.

It is essential to move quickly in any market, particularly with the present conditions. They look after the UK’s major financial advisor networks which have given their brokers an influence in buying power with their lenders.

He also added that their sourcing and case tracking systems have repeatedly improved. This has made them unique in the market and also led to excellent customer feedback.