Make Business Happen With Fifo Capital

Do You Thrive On Business Success?

If playing a role in driving small and medium business success and growth in the UK sounds of interest, then consider whether you would like to start a franchise with Fifo Capital – a leading franchise opportunity in the professional financial services sector.

Is Fifo Capital For You?

In operation in Australasia since 2005 with more than 70 successful franchises, an annual turnover of more than $220 million and striking growth in tough markets, Fifo Capital is looking for business enthusiasts to partner our UK and Northern Ireland expansion.

Three exclusive Master Franchise opportunities are available for those who are looking for a business to leverage their existing capital for strong returns in a growing market and for the opportunity to be part of building a smart, leading business network in the UK.

An established and trusted business finance product in the UK and globally, the market for Invoice Discounting (the primary Fifo Capital product) continues to grow significantly with increasing demand from small and medium businesses. In fact over 35,000 UK enterprises with an annual turnover of up to £5 million use invoice finance services – and growing*.

With a proven product suite and franchise model which has reported an average of 64% annual growth over the past three years in Australasia, Fifo Capital represents an exceptional UK opportunity for those who thrive on business success.

Proven, exceptional ROI and more...

Here’s a small list – just for starters – about what makes Fifo Capital stand out as a market leading opportunity for the right Master Franchise partner:

  • Proven, exceptional annual growth of 64 per cent in the last three years.
  • Unmatched product suite - the Fifo model is highly flexible and responsive to meet client needs, which leading competitors struggle to replicate.
  • Leverage the leading IP and product development of highly experienced business finance experts.
  • 90% repeat business - most clients use Fifo Capital products to alleviate short-term cash flow issues or to realise growth potential on an ongoing basis.
  • Simple but robust credit modelling, driving quick, secure business decisions – great for clients and your bottom line.
  • Proven business structures - robust, proven and business focussed processes.
  • Access to selected alliances and partnerships to drive lead generation and acquisition.
  • A strategic brand placed for long-term success and a comprehensive, smart marketing tool-box and support for your business development.
  • Upfront, extensive and ongoing training – a committed training programme to support the Master Franchise in building a quality network of Franchisees.
  • The crème – low overheads; no staff costs; and hours to suit the lifestyle you choose.

Quality people drive quality business

Fifo Capital is committed to growing the international brand with the right people – it’s simply key to success. Master Franchise partners may not necessarily have a financial services background, but they will absolutely possess the business-minded attributes and qualities identified by Fifo Capital International as prerequisites for success.

Is this you? If so, Fifo Capital International is seeking UK Master Franchise partners to drive the UK expansion of the Fifo Capital business, and specifically to: (1) develop a franchise network within their respective territories; (2) develop a referral partner network; and (3) undertake management functions in support of the franchise network.

Three Master Franchise territories are available:

  • South England comprising of South West, South East, London and East of England - £197,500
  • North England, comprising of North East, North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, Wales, West Midlands, East Midlands, and Scotland - £197,500
  • Northern Ireland - £67,500

To learn more about Fifo Capital and this outstanding opportunity please compete the form below.

*ABFA, Asset Based Finance Association, March 2013.