FiltaCool to solve your problems

If you are looking to have a business of your own in these times of recession, franchising is what you need to look for. With franchising, you get the support of an experienced franchisor and this can help in reducing losses and avoiding wrong decisions. This is exactly why franchising is growing and more and more people are opting for franchising as the right way to start their business and entering entrepreneurship.

Make sure however, that you choose the right franchisor and FiltaCool will help you make that choice. FiltacCool is the company that manufactures panels that help regulate moisture levels in your coolers, refrigerators and more. With the unique DBX technology that they use to absorb humidity, the ideal temperature is maintained and this is why perishable items stay fresher. This is what helps refrigerators to keep the food for longer, increasing their shelf life and reducing food wastage. With these panels, the cold temperatures are stabilised and this lowers the spread of bacteria and reduces energy consumption.

Since these components are used and necessary in everyday life, this business is near recession proof and FiltaCool are looking for individuals who are ambitious and have the drive to succeed, with an expected income of £50,000 per annum.

The FiltaCool franchise fee starts from £25,000 plus VAT and this could also be the start to your success story.