FiltaFry frying up new success stories in eco oil

The recession hits everyone including hotels and restaurants. The catering industry is facing a shortage of cooking oil and with the increase in cooking oil prices, FiltaFry has come at the right time.

When New Jarrold press closed down in September 2006, out-of-work Dean Martin used his new freedom to start a FiltaFry franchise. According to Dean, this was his best decision because now, he is his own boss and he is in control of what and when to do things. This has given him flexibility in terms of working hours and enables him to spend more time with his family and loved ones.

Dean chose FiltaFry because with the current oil problems in the hotel industry, it was evident that there was a lot of potential for FiltaFry. With this shortage, comes the fact that more people are opting for the environmentally friendly service of FiltaFry which prolongs the life of cooking oil, and this has helped FiltaFry grow considerably. Since this is a niche market, there is no competition and for a new business, it could not get better.

FiltaFry was established in 1996 and has been franchising since 1997. With 500 franchises and 50 based in the UK itself, it can be clearly seen how fast FiltaFry is growing. FiltaFry does not require experienced individuals, rather those with a strong desire to succeed and an ambition to grow.