FiltaFry Plus - one of the best van based franchises

Steve Edwards, an Oxford Franchised Technician, was initially attracted to the FiltaFry Plus business due to the exclusivity of the Oxford territory. The Oxford territory is based on weekly repeat visits. Steve was a pharmaceuticals stock taker and now he is enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle servicing 45 customers per week. His weekly income equates to around £1,400. He now wants to take his business to the next level.

According to Steve, his customers are fantastic and he loves his job. He delivers top quality products and many people purchase their kitchen hygiene supplies from him. He added that it is not necessary to order a minimum amount.

According to Charles Hill, FiltaFry Plus' Financial Director, an initial investment of £21,950 plus VAT and working capital is required to acquire a FiltaFry Plus franchise. Franchisees can start with them with £7,500 in liquid capital as they have strong relationships with major financial institutions. Effort, commitment, vision and enthusiasm are some qualities required by technicians to match every step of the way.

Steve agrees and says that you will definitely get value out of the business proportionate to what you put in. It is advisable to consider FiltaFry Plus as it a very profitable franchise.