Fitness club seeking to expand its chain of studios nationwide

Energie Group, which launched its fitness club in 2007, is now looking for personal trainers who are interested in running a business full time. The company was among finalists in the BFA franchisors awards 2005, and currently has 100 franchisees operating for it. The group has gone to great lengths to study the industry and franchising to expand the fitness clubs to the public.

Energie Personal Fitness is the first franchise of the group that caters in personal and professional training studios. CEO Darren Morford claims many personal trainers have no knowledge in business and only perform their job because they are paid to do it, the company can train them to run a successful business and earn a reawarding income.

The group already has seven fitness divisions and is in the process of launching two new franchises. They are looking for candidates to help them in their mission. The group supports finance, training and assistance and also provides full training for franchisees on the products they deliver. The group’s fitness clubs are determined to provide their customers with good results which will transform their lives.

Energie Personal Fitness wants to recruit people who can handle multiple studios, but not necessarily personal trainers. By next year, they have their sight on starting 10 more studios and launching at least 20 more franchisees.