The Food and Drink Franchise Sector

Often when people think of franchising they immediately think of brands like McDonald’s, Subway and Domino’s Pizza – brands that are world famous with locations in countries across the globe. These brands also have another aspect in common; they are all within the beverage and food franchise sector.

Due to this, when many prospective franchise owners start looking for opportunities in the food and drink sector they have the misconception that the choices will be limited to global, usually fast food, brands. Instead there are many smaller franchises within this sector, which offer a wide range of business concepts.

Beef ‘O’ Brady, for example, is a USA-based restaurant and bar franchise, which provides a family friendly environment where customers can watch popular sports games and matches. Alternatively, the franchise opportunity, La Bottega del Caffe, is a stylish Italian café that offers authentic Italian coffee and fresh food.

As well as offering different types of business concepts, franchises within the food and drink sector can also be operated from a number of different types of premises, including stores, kiosks and vans. Additionally, they can be situated on high streets, in shopping centres, or, if van-based, even at festivals and sporting events.

Due to the range of business types and premises needed, the cost of a franchise within the food and drink sector can vary substantially. As an example of how varied investment fees can be a McDonalds franchise would require a minimum investment of £125,000 + VAT, whereas Curry Kaiser, a snack bar concept, has franchises starting from £20,000 + VAT.

It is clear, therefore, that franchises within the food and drink sector should not be immediately dismissed as global fast food brands with high investment fees. Instead, this sector should be approached with an open mind, as it includes many unique opportunities that cover a range of budgets and requirements.

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