Foot Solutions announces its business opportunity in the UK

A new retail opportunity in the UK is offering prospective franchisees a way to be involved in an ignored market and is leading a revolution in footwear solutions.

Foot Solutions is established in more than 250 locations in 15 countries including national franchise chains in Canada, the Middle East, Australia and the USA. Foot Solutions is a speciality retail franchise opportunity, focusing on providing foot care products, customer arch supports and comfort shoes. A Foot Solutions franchisee has the state of the art skills to offer footwear solutions and expert advice to different types of consumers including people with foot problems, athletes and daily users.

In 2007, the idea was brought to the Irish market with the establishment of a pilot operation in Cork by Tony and John Linehan. Both took the Foot Solutions Master Franchise to Ireland and the UK. Now the brothers are looking to roll out the franchise growth programme in the two countries by using multi-unit and single franchises to people interested in starting retail operations in the new market section.

John said that Foot Solutions is entering the UK market and there are opportunities for serious business investors or high calibre franchisees in safe, large, multi-store territories.