Foot solutions emerging as a major player in the market

With very little competition, few employees and high profit margins, Foot Solutions is emerging as a major player in the market. Foot Solutions are established in more than 250 locations in across 15 countries which includes Australia, USA, Canada and the Middle East.

Foot Solutions is a retail franchise that focuses on supplying comfort shoes, foot care products and custom arch supports. Foot Solutions franchises are equipped with state of the art technology for providing expert advice and footwear solutions. The foot care solutions provide solutions to customers from athletes to people who have foot problems.

This concept was brought to the Irish market a year ago by brothers John and Tony Linehan. Foot Solutions mainly focuses on providing a complete service that includes support for custom arch, orthotics as well as retail foot care products.

In today’s market, almost 90% of foot problems are caused by improperly fitted shoes. Their franchisees and personnel are specially trained to understand the adjustments and modifications which are to be made to shoes to make them fit properly. They also create customised shoes for customers. Foot Solutions has fully trained people who spend an average of forty five minutes with each of their customers. Foot solutions provides its clients with a wide range of shoe styles that include sports, comfort, preventative, casual as well as physiological shoes which also have health benefits.