Foot Solutions emerging as a successful player

Foot Solutions is a specialised retail franchise that supplies comfort shoes, custom arch support and foot care products. The Foot Solutions franchise is established in over 250 locations across 15 countries. That includes a national franchise chain in the USA, Canada, Australia and the Middle East. The Foot Solutions franchise provides expert advice and footwear solutions to people, including athletes as well as people who have foot problems.

John and Tony Linehan brought the concept to the Irish market a year ago. The brothers are looking out for an expansion of their franchise, soon after taking on the Foot Solutions Master Franchise that covers the entire UK and Ireland.

In the UK, the shoe and foot care industry is estimated to be worth £5.85 billion. John Linehan said that Foot Solutions focuses on providing a complete service that includes custom arch support, orthotics, and retail foot care products. Over 90% of foot problems are caused by improper fitting of shoes. Foot Solutions’ franchisees and personnel are not only trained to fit shoes properly, but also to understand the adjustments and modifications that are required to make a shoe fit better still. Foot solutions actually creates and provides custom-fit solutions to every customer.

Foot Solutions provide a wide range of shoe styles that includes comfort, sport, dress, and casual. Apart from these shoes, specific physiological shoes are also available which have good health benefits. With regular use of these shoes, foot pain can be reduced.