Foot Solutions, the right solution for you

If you are looking to franchise, to beat the credit crunch and the recession, then make sure you franchise with the right franchisor. It is best to tap into an untapped market or a niche market and that is exactly what Foot Solutions is doing. A new entry in the UK market, Foot Solutions is a retail franchise that specially focuses on comfort shoes, custom made arch supports and foot care products.

Foot Solutions carries a wide range of shoes in extra depth and width. Since this is a niche market and there are not many companies focussing on foot care, Foot Solutions has grown to be a leading health and wellness franchise and with more than 250 stores across 15 countries such as Australia, Canada, and the Middle East, the success of Foot Solutions is evident.

With the demand being mainly from the 35+ category, Foot Solutions’ footwear comes from the world’s best and with recent research conducted, it has been revealed that there is a lot of potential since almost 25% to 30% of the world demands such services.

Since this is a niche segment, a decision to franchise with Foot Solutions means that you could face little competition and with the help of an experienced franchisor, you have all the support and advice you need to grow the franchisee and obtain the maximum from it. The investment starts at £175,000 and you have the opportunity to own multiple stores.