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10 Reasons To Buy A FootieBugs Franchise

1. Tried and tested business model

We have thought of everything down to the cost of your fuel. If you follow our business model you will be earning in excess of £37,000 in your first year.

2. Years of franchising experience

Since we first launched our franchise opportunity 10 years ago, we have made the mistakes that mean you don’t have to. We know what works and we want to let you in on that secret.

3. Internationally recognised brand

With master franchisors in China, Australia and Singapore we are truly global. This means we are also well placed to say ahead of the curve. China is a growing super power and we are part of it, and our franchisees benefit from this unique cutting edge.

4. A product wanted by both schools and parents

There is a market desperate for what FootieBugs can offer. Every governmental report on children’s health highlights the need for what FootieBugs can do.

5. No other children’s activity can do what FootieBugs does

FootieBugs benefits children well beyond the sessions. They learn the alphabet, how to count, their colours and develop socially using their imagination, building confidence and the self-esteem to interact with others in a positive way.

6. Successful franchisees across the UK

The FootieBugs network is constantly growing. We have franchisees across the UK who come from a range of different back grounds and operate in areas with totally different demographics. It can work anywhere.

7. Great marketing support that wins you more business

The success of the FootieBugs mission is totally dependent on your success. FootieBugs are the only franchisor to give you £300 per month to market your business. In turn, HQ are constantly spending money on advertising and creating some really exciting unique PR opportunities.

8. Regular training keeps FootieBugs top of the class

We are market leaders and to stay there we never stop learning. We make sure our franchisees have access to great training for both yoga and business to make sure they stay ahead of the crowd.

9. Huge return on relatively low investment

Compared with most franchises £15,000 is comparatively cheap. It is certainly good value as you receive half of this back almost straight away in training and resources. With first year earnings of over £37,000 can you afford not to take this opportunity?

10. There is no risk

We are the only franchisor who is so confident of their business model that we offer a first year money back guarantee. Read more about the FootieBugs franchise opportunity here >>